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Noach Goldstein asked:

According to the explanaion that the reason we make brachos on y't sheni dispite the fact that it is drabanan is that we're afraid people will be mzalzail the mitzva without broachos, why don't they say taht by every other mitzva drabanan? Why are we only afraid about people being mzalzail y't sheni?

Noach Goldstein, Teaneck, NJ USA

The Kollel replies:

All Mitzvos d'Rabanan do have Berachos. It is only Mitzvos that are a Safek d'Rabanan that do not have Berachos. Here, on Yom Tov, the Rabanan wanted it to be like a Vadai, and therefore they instituted that the Berachos be said.

D. Zupnik