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alexander lurie asked:

In the insights to Shabbos 23 you bring the rogatchover gaon saying that the source of the Rambam to sell clothes for ner chanuka is the gemara in megilah 27b. When I looked in the back of the Frankel ed. of the Rambam (in lekuti mefarshim) he quotes the "Tzioni M"R"G"" as basically saying the same thing. Is this Tzioni MRG the same author as the Rogatchover or is it someone else? I looked in the Frankel Roshei Tavos section but that acronym wasn't listed. Who is this? thank you, and thank you especially for enlighting me with that beautiful insight of the rogatchover.

alexander lurie, chicago, IL USA

The Kollel replies:

The Mekoros v'Tziyunim section in the Frankel Rambam indeed brings the same source in the name of Tziyunei Maharam. (In the Mafte'ach section he quotes our Rogatchover and the Avnei Nezer who also brings the source from Megilah.)

The Tziyunei Maharam are notes printed in the back of the classic Vilna print of the Rambam (and collected in the Likutim section of the Frankel Rambam as well). His identity though does seem to be a bit of a mystery. The printer of the Vilna Rambam writes that it "arrived via Rav Sh. Orenstein" Rabbi of Ozevad. But he apparently was not the author (since his name does not begin with an "M") but was rather the author's student. So I am afraid I cannot clarify the author's actual identity.

Best wishes,

Mordecai Kornfeld