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Samuel Kosofsky asked:

2) When the Mishne says that certain things must be said b'lashon hakodesh exactly what is meant? Should it be the exact words of the posukim or should any Hebrew words covering the subject be considered lashon kodesh? Should it have the same type of syntax and style that the Torah's Hebrew uses including the vov hahipuch, (Vayedaber, Veyaasu), to be considered lashon kodesh? Would Modern Hebrew or Mishnaic Hebrew count? Would Medieval Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Ramban, Rambam Hebrew count? How about gemara lashon which is half Aramaic half Hebrew?

The Kollel replies:

2) From the Derashos cited in the Gemara it seems clear that the emphasis is not only on Lashon ha'Kodesh but rather on saying these things exactly as they are written (with the exception of Birkas Kohen Gadol, which might relate only to the Keri'ah). Therefore, the scriptural text is what is required.

D. Zupnik