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yehuda halpert asked:

Bchvod Harav:

Before i make my point I would just like to express hakarat hatov for your valuable web site I find it very helpful in many ways.

In the insights to sotah 32b you bring down the pshat of The Rav of Brisk, RAV YEHOSHUA LEIB DISKIN, who uses this Gemara to explain a difficulty in the verses in Parshas Vayikra (4:31 and 4:35).

Interestingly, the Netziv in his haemak davar (vayikra 4:31 D"H "vechiper alav hacohen") makes the virtually identical point. The Netziv is usually quite thorough in attributing comments to their original author, and since he does not quote anyone in this context it is probably safe to assume that either they both came to the virtually identical thought independantly or perhaps Rav Diskin heard it from teh Netziv. Likely no way to ever know for sure but it might be helpful to add the mekor from haaemak davar to the website as then people could see the thought inside.

Kol tuv

yehuda halpert.

The Kollel replies:

Thank you very much for your feedback and comment. BE'H we will add the Ha'amek Davar to our Insights page.

Yasher Koach,

Mordecai Kornfeld