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Moshe Segev asked:

(a) Excuse my ignorance. I didn't understand the marking method. What is a "lime" (would you please provide an explantion or the equivalent word in Hebrew?). How was the marking actually done?

(b) However, without the point by point summary I am lost.

It is hard to describe the dissapointment everytime I start my computer to go over the Daf but realize that the point by point summary is not available. Please do not misunderstand me. I am not complaining. Again, you are doing an extremly holly job. However, going through the Daf alone, it is hard to do it without your enlightning summary.

The Kollel replies:

(a) "Sid," or lime, is a very white plaster which is poured upon the stone marking a grave, or on the ground above a grave (if there is no stone), or on the ground around a field that contains a corpse (or parts of a corpse).

(b) We know how valuable the point by point summary, and we try are hardest to get it out in time. If you are using our website to get the summary, we suggest that you also subscribe to receive it by email, since the email mailings are done by us directly and are therefore up to date, while the website is handled by an outside source and occasionally is not kept up to date. We will put your name on the list to receive it by email.

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All the best,

Mordecai Kornfeld