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The Kollel replies:

Here is what the Kollel answered to a similar question. Please let us know if this is not enough.

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Berachos 008: Sharp questions on the beginning of Berachos

Mordechai Perlman asked:

6) On 4b the G'moro considers reading a Mizmor which has the p'sukim

in order of the Alef Beis a specialty. What is so special about such a

Mizmor? Also, why could Dovid HaMelech not make a posuk with a Nun

even if it would have had to be one of N'filo? If there already was a

posuk in Amos about the N'filo of Yisroel, why could he not make one

about N'filo? And also, why would he have had to make a posuk about

N'filo, there aren't any good words with a Nun; there was the posuk of

"Nosein Lechem L'chol Bosor"; that has a Nun, why not one like that in


Mordechai Perlman


The Kollel replies:

6) A Mizmor with verses in the order of the Alef-Beis is special because it reflects Hash-m's involvement in the natural order of this world (which is represented by the sequential listing of the 22 letters of the alphabet) (MESHECH CHACHMAH, beginning of Parshas Bechukosai).

David lived before Amos. The nature of David's writings differed from those of Amos, and therefore just because Amos wrote a verse about the Jewish people's downfall does not mean that David also should have.

Since the Mizmor written in the order of the Alef-Beis represents Hash-m's involvement in the natural order of the world, the only appropriate verse to begin with a "Nun" would be one that discussed the downfall ("Nefilah") of the Jewish people, because the natural order of the world dictates that when the Jews fail to recognize the hand of Hash-m in everything, they will fall. "Nosein Lechem l'Chol Basar" is an expression of Hash-m's involvement above the natural order, as is evidenced by its inclusion in the Mismor of Halel ha'Gadol, which depicts Hash-m's miraculous interventions in the natural order (see Meshech Chochmah ibid.).

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-M. Kornfeld, Y. Shaw