What are the implications of "be'Chol Kor'einu Eilav"?


Rashbam #1 (at the end of the Parshah) citing Midrash Shochar Tov: Despite the fact that all of Yisrael are 'pushing Hashem' with their Tefilos, He never becomes overwhelmed by them, but listens to them all. 1


Rashbam #2 (at the end of the Parshah) Ibid: As opposed to the other gods, who appear to be so close but are really so far, 2 our G-d may appear to be so far away, 3 yet a man goes to the Beis-ha'Midrash and whispers a prayer, and Hakadosh-Baruch-Hu listens.


See Rashbam.


Rashbam: See Yeshayah, 46:7.


From the earth to the Heaven - See Rashbam.


Where do we find examples of "be'Chol Kor'einu Eilav"?


Rashbam: 'As it is written in Shmos, 2:24 "Vayishma Elokim es Na'akosam", in Shmos, 14:10 & 15 "u'Par'oh Hikriv ... Vayirz'aku B'nei Yisrael el Hashem" ... "Mah Tiz'ak Eilei? Daber el B'nei Yisrael Veyisa'u!"; similarly by the Manna and by the quails (Shmos 15:7, 8, 9 & 12) and by the water (Shmos 17:2 & 7).

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