Why does the Torah insert the Pasuk dealing with the Yasom, Almanah and Ger here?


Rashi: Having taught us Hashem's strength (in Pasuk 17), it teaches 'in the same breath', His extreme humility. 1


How, in spite of His supreme greatness, He lowers Himself to take the part of the weakest strata of society. In the original version of Rashi: This lesson is repeated in Nevi'im - in Yeshayah, 66:1 & 2, and again in Kesuvim - in Tehilim, 65:5 & 6.


Why does the Pasuk mention specifically "Lechem ve'Simlah"?


Rashi: This is of basic importance, since it is precisely these two things that Ya'akov Avinu Davened for. 1

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