What the implications of "Ki Avodas ha'Kodesh aleihem"?


Rashi and Seforno: It implies that Kehas carried the Aron, the Shulchan and the other Kelim, which were intrinsically holy 1 - which is why they carried them on their shoulders and not on wagons.


Seforno: As opposed to the Bnei Gershon and the Bnei Merari, who only carried things to do with the building of the Mishkan.


Why does it say "ba'Kasef" (the known shoulder)?


Panim Yafos (Bamidbar 7:9): It says that they carried ba'Kasef (the known shoulder. i.e. the right one). We must say that one Levi stood outside the poles (on the left), and one stood between the poles. Also refer to Shemos 30:4:151:1,2,4 and the note there.

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