What is the difference between a "Minchah al ha'Machavas" and a "Minchas Marcheshes" (in Pasuk 7)?


Rashi: The former is baked in a flat (frying) pan), so the fire burns off the oil and turned out hard; the latter, in a deep pot, in which case the oil gathered at the base, rendering the Minchah soft and spongy.


What can we learn from the fact that the Pasuk says first "Soles Belulah ba'Shemen" and then (in Pasuk 6) "Veyatzakta alehah Shemen?


Rashi: We see from here that a Minchah first requires oil to be poured into the K'li, then flour with which it is mixed, 1 after which more oil is added. 2


See Rashi DH 'Soles'.


See also Sifsei Chachamim.

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