Why does the Torah write "Vayakam (and not Vayimloch) Melech Chadash"?


Rashi and Targum Yonasan: This is why some 1 maintain that it was not a new king at all, rather the same king who adopted a new attitude towards Yisrael. 2


It is actually a Machlokes between Rav and Shmuel in Sotah (11a [Rashi]).


Da'as Zekenim: Initially, Pharaoh refused to afflict Yisrael, and they deposed him. After three months, he consented. "Va'Yakam" - he was reinstated.


Rashi writes that some say that it was the same king. If so, how can the Torah write that he did not know Yosef?


Rashi: Of course he knew Yosef, and what the Torah means is that he made out as if he did not know him.


Rashi writes that some explain "Melech Chadash" literally. If so, why does the Torah need to mention the fact that he did not know Yosef?


Seforno: Although Yosef was certainly mentioned in the chronicles of Egypt, particularly with regard to the new laws that he initiated, in which case the new king ought to have treated favorably the people to which Yosef belonged, it did not occur to him that Yosef had any connections with B'nei Yisrael.


What is the Torah see fit to add "asher al ha'Mizbe'ach"?


Rashi: To teach that the logs of wood may not protrude from the Ma'arachah.


The Kohen must stand on the Mizbe'ach [in order to arrange the wood, according to the opinion that] it was 10 Amos tall. It was covered with copper. If metal is hot due to the fire, all is hot; his feet would be scalded!


Moshav Zekenim: Fire of Shamayim does not jump to and fro; it is only where it is needed. We find that the burning bush was not consumed. 1 Even though we must also bring human fire, the Torah did not command to harm oneself (also the human fire will not damage).


This explains the answer of R. Eliezer and R. Yehoshua (Yerushalmi Chagigah 2:1). Avuyah exclaimed to them, 'did you come to burn my house?!' They answered, we were engaging in Torah


Which wood may be used for the Ma'arachah?


Tamid 29b: Any wood may be used, except for olivewood or grapevines. 1


Moshav Zekenim: Their Peros go on the Mizbe'ach (wine, and oil in Menachos), so they save their 'fathers' from the fire. From here we say that a [righteous] son saves his father from Gehinom, like Avraham saved Terach.


רש"י: חדש ממש: למה כתוב "חדש" ולא 'ויקם מלך...אשר לא ידע'?


גור אריה: הפסוק בא ללמד שהוא לא היה המשך [-בן] של המלך הראשון ולכן גזר גזירות רעות.


רש"י: חדש ממש...שנתחדשו גזרותיו: במה נחלקו האמוראים?


גור אריה: לדעה הראשונה אם המלכות הייתה ממשיכה לא היה נעשה שינוי לשעבד את ישראל ולכן קם מלך חדש, ולדעה השניה [לא היה צורך במלך חדש כי] גזירת השיעבוד היא מה'.


רש"י: שנתחדשו גזרותיו: וכי פרעה הרשע האריך ימים מימות יוסף ועד עכשיו?


גור אריה: כאשר בן המלך מולך, נחשב שהכל מלכות אחת ואין צורך לומר שהיה זה אותו המלך ממש.

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