Why did Lavan not hug and kiss Yakov (like he did when Yakov arrived in Charan)?


Oznayim la'Torah #1: It demonstrates Lavan's true feelings towards Yakov, in spite of the covenant that he just made with him.


Oznayim la'Torah: One can say in jest that this time he had no reason to believe that Yakov was carrying jewels in his pocket or in his mouth. 1


Refer to 29:13:2:1.


Why does the Torah see fit to inform us that Lavan blessed his grandsons and daughters?


Seforno: Chazal said (Megilah 15a) "Do not take the B'rachah of a Hedyot 1 (an ordinary person) lightly." The B'rachah of a father, who blesses with all his heart 2 is even more potent and is bound to take effect. 3


Others say that since Lavan was a Rasha, his Brachah harms! Refer to 24:60:151:1.


Refer to 27:4:1:2.


Refer to 32:1:3:1.


Why does the Torah not tell us the contents of this B'rachah like it did the B'rachah that he gave his sister Rivkah (in Chayei Sarah, 24:60)?


Oznayim la'Torah (citing the Midrash Rabah): Because it was given when he was downcast and in a bad mood - due to his failed mission, and he said it but did not mean it. 1


Refer to 32:1:2:1.


Why does the Torah record that Lavan returned to his place?


Tosfos ha'Shalem (2): He returned to his poverty. The night that he pursued Yakov, robbers took everything of Lavan's.


Oznayim la'Torah (citing Midrash Yelamdeinu): Before Yakov arrived in Charan, Lavan was merely a mmber of the family of Nachor, the pride of the town; when Yakov arrived, he personally became its magnificance, its spleandor and its glory. Now that Yakov had left, he returned to his former status.

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