What does the Torah mean when it describes the seven years as "Yamim Achadim" (which seemingly clashes with human nature)?


Rashi: Refer to 29:18:1:1.


Hadar Zekenim, Moshav Zekenim, Riva #1, Bechor Shor, Seforno: It seemed to Yakov like a few days, because he thought that Rachel was worth a lot more 1 than seven years work. 2


Riva #2: After he finished working, it felt that it was a small toil, for he loved her so much. 3


Bechor Shor: This explains why Yakov did not suggest a shorter time. He thought that he was underpaying!


Seforno: Which is why the Torah adds "in his love for her" - because love causes a person to act and to think irrationally.


Pane'ach Raza: However, while working, surely it felt like a long time.


What is the significance of the Torah's constant repetition of the fact that Yakov loved Rachel?


Oznayiom la'Torah: In order to clarify that, when the Torah will mention his hatred of Le'ah, it is only relative to his love of Rachel. 1 In other words, although he loved Le'ah like a man loves his wife, only when compared to his love of Rachel, it is considered hatred. 2


Oznayim la'Torah: As is implied in Pasuk 30. Refer also to 29:31:1:1.


Oznayim la'Torah: Otherwise it is inconceivable that he would transgress the prohibition of being intimate with her, and his children from her would be 'B'nei Senu'ah'. Refer also to 29:31:151:1 - 4.

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