[94a - 44 lines; 94b - 38 lines]

1)[line 2]במקום שמכריזיןB'MAKOM SHE'MACHRIZIN- [the Mishnah is discussing] a place where the procedure is that [when an animal is found to be a Tereifah,] they announce [that there is Tereifah meat in the meat markets for sale to idolaters, in which case it is permitted for a Jew to buy meat from an idolater on a day that no announcement was made]

2)[line 6]חיתוכא דעובד כוכבים מידע ידיעCHITUCHA D'OVED KOCHAVIM MEIDA YEDI'A- the cutting of the thigh by an idolater is recognizable, because when a Jew cuts it, he cuts it lengthwise to facilitate the removal of the Gid ha'Nasheh

3)[line 11]לאו בפירוש איתמר אלא מכללה איתמרLAV B'FEIRUSH ITMAR ELA MI'KELALA ITMAR- it was not said explicitly by Shmuel; rather it was derived through his actions (and the statement is not necessarily reliable)

4)[line 13]הוה קא עבר במבראHAVAH KA AVAR B'MAVRA- he was crossing the river in a ferry or raft

5)[line 13]לשמעיהL'SHAM'EI- to his servant

6)[line 13]פייסיה למבוריהPAISEI L'MABOREI- give compensation to the ferry-man

7)[line 16]במר דשחוטהB'MAR D'SHECHUTAH- a properly slaughtered hen; i.e. Shmuel was upset with his attendant for having deceived the ferry operator, an idolater, by giving him a Tereifah hen under the false pretext that it was Kosher

8)[line 16]אנפקאANPEKA- a small cup; a measure containing one fourth of a Lug

9)[line 17]חמרא מזיגאCHAMRA MEZIGA- diluted wine

10)[line 20]חייאCHAYA- raw, undiluted wine

11)[line 21]יסרהבYESARHEV- urge, press

12)[line 22]בתקרובתB'TIKROVES- with [many] gifts

13)[line 28]לגין המתקשקשLAGIN HA'MISKASHKESH- a bottle which gives sound when shaken (half-filled)

14)[line 28]ולא ימלאנו מיםV'LO YEMAL'ENU MAYIM- he should not fill it with water; i.e. he should not fill the partially empty flask

15)[line 29]שמתעהוSHE'MAS'EHU- for he deceives him

16)[line 29]חבר עירCHAVER IR- groups of people from the city

17)[line 31]ולא ישגרV'LO YESHAGER- he should not send

18)[line 35]בשני בצורתBI'SHNEI BATZORES- in the years of famine

19)[line 37]שעוזקSHE'OZEK- that he was clasping


20)[line 1]האנסיןHA'ANASIN- the extortionists

21)[line 26]נפל בישרא לבני חילאNAFAL BISRA LI'VNEI CHEILA- meat for the general populace (the Nochrim) has fallen into our hands

22)[line 36]לדעתיה דאחלישתיהD'ACHLISHTEI L'DA'ATEI- that you made him feel bad, discouraged him