12th Cycle dedication

CHULIN 79 (14 Elul) - This Daf has been dedicated in honor of the Yahrzeit of Yisrael (son of Chazkel and Miryam) Rosenbaum, who passed away on 14 Elul, by his son and daughter and their families.

[79a - 46 lines; 79b - 44 lines]

1)[line 9]אין חוששין לזרע האבEIN CHOSHESHIN L'ZERA HA'AV

(a)There is an argument among the Amora'im as to whether or not the species of the father of an animal has any bearing on its Halachic status. There are a number of ramifications to this argument, such as the law of "Oso v'Es Beno." If we consider the seed of the father as a contributing factor, then the Mitzvah of "Oso v'Es Beno" applies to a father and its child, as well as to a mother and its child, and it is forbidden to slaughter them both on the same day. If we do not consider the seed of father as a contributing factor, then the father and child may both be slaughtered on the same day.

(b)Another ramification is the law of Kil'ayim. If we consider the seed of father as a contributing factor, then an animal born from two distinct species is considered to be a different species from its mother and its father. The offspring may not even be crossbred with the species of its mother. Similarly, a carriage may not be drawn by the crossbred offspring together with the thoroughbred mother or father.

2)[line 11]פרדותPIRDOS- mules

3a)[line 36]עבי קליהAVI KALEI- its voice is thick, rough

b)[line 37]צניף קליהTZANIF KALEI- its voice is high-pitched

4)[line 38]אודניהUDNEI- its ears

5)[line 38]גנובתיהGENUVSEI- its tail

6)[line 40]אלמתILEMES- an animal that is mute

7)[line 41]גידמתGIDEMES- an animal, the ears and tail of which are cut off

8)[line 45]כודנייתאKUDNAYASA- mules

9)[line 45]ריספקRISPAK- (a) a wagon (RASHI); (b) a rickshaw, a vehicle drawn by people or by animals (ARUCH Erech Dispak)


10)[line 2]כלאיםKIL'AYIM- a crossbred animal (in this instance, Kil'ayim refers to a cross between and sheep and a goat, for example)

11)[line 2]כויKOY

See Background to Chulin 78:16.

12)[line 6]תיישTAYISH- a male goat

13)[line 7]צבייהTZVIYAH- a female deer

14)[line 11]צביTZVI- a male deer

15)[line 11]תיישהTEYASHAH- a female goat

16)[line 14]ובנו כל דהוU'VNO KOL DEHU- and its offspring, whatever it is (even the deer-like offspring of a female goat)

17)[line 24]מכסין את דמוMECHASIN ES DAMO (KISUY HA'DAM)

See Background to Chulin 83:12.

18)[line 32]הזרוע, והלחיים, והקבהHA'ZERO'A, VEHA'LECHAYAYIM, VEHA'KEIVAH

See Background to Chulin 75:7.