BEITZAH 2 (25 Elul 5781)- Dedicated in memory of Yechiel Avraham Avigdor ben Eliyahu Glaser z'l, by his brother Yisrael and family. May Avigdor's young children merit to grow in Torah and Yiras Shamayim, and become sources of pride and Nachas to their father in Gan Eden.


AN EGG LAID ON YOM TOV (Yerushalmi Halachah 1 Daf 1a)

[דף א עמוד א] [דף א עמוד א (עוז והדר)] משנה ביצה שנולדה ביום טוב בית שמאי אומרים תיאכל ובית הלל אומרים לא תיאכל


(Mishnah): If an egg was laid on Yom Tov - Beis Shamai say it may be eaten, Beis Hillel say that it may not be eaten (that day).

גמרא מה טעמון דבית שמאי מוכנת היא על גב אמה


(Gemara - Question): What is the reasoning of Beis Shamai? It is not Muktzah, since it is prepared on account of its mother (that was not Muktzah at the onset of Yom Tov).

מה טעמון דבית הלל נעשית כמוקצה שיבש ולא ידע בו אילו מוקצה שיבש ולא ידע בו שמא אינו אסור


Question: What is the reasoning of Beis Hillel? It is like Muktzah fruit (such as a semi-dried grape or fig, that is inedible because of its moistness) when he was unaware that it had dried on Shabbos. Would it not be prohibited?

והא תני השוחט את התרנגולת ומצא בתוכה בצים אף על פי גמורות הרי אלו מותרות


Question (Beraisa): If one slaughtered a hen and found eggs inside it, even if they are finished (so that they can no longer be considered a limb of the hen, which would have meant that they are permitted through the slaughtering), they are nevertheless permitted. (This Beraisa follows Beis Hillel, so why are the eggs permitted - even if they are found finished inside the hen they should be prohibited as he was unaware that they were finished?!)

ר' חנניה ורבי מנא חד אמר לא דומה טעם אכילתה מבפנים לטעם אכילתה מבחוץ


Answer: Both R. Chananya and R. Mana explained that the case of a laid egg is different, but for different reasons - one said that the taste of an egg that was not yet laid is dissimilar to the taste of an egg that was laid.

וחורנה אמר שאינה נגמרת לאפרוח עד שתצא לחוץ


The other one said that only an egg that was laid can develop into a chicken, (Therefore, the un-laid egg is certainly still considered to be food, like the hen that it came from.)

[דף א עמוד ב (עוז והדר)] מה הן בחלב


Query: At what stage of growth may eggs inside the hen be eaten with dairy products (as they are no longer considered to be part of the hen)?

נאמר אם היו מעורות לגידים אסורות ואם לאו מותרות


Answer: If they are still attached to the spine with sinews, they are prohibited with milk.

הכל מודין בביצה שיצא רובה מערב יום טוב שהיא נאכלת ביום טוב


All agree that if most of the egg was laid before Yom Tov, it may be eaten on Yom Tov.

מה פליגין בשיצא מיעוטה בית שמאי אומרים תיאכל ובית הלל אומרים לא תיאכל


Where is the dispute - when only part had been laid before Yom Tov - Beis Shamai say that it may be eaten and Beis Hillel say that it may not.

כשם שהיא אסור לאכל כך היא אסור לטלטל


Just as it is prohibited to eat it, it is prohibited to move it (as it is Muktzah).

נתערבה אחת במאה או אחת באלף כולן אסורות


Even if it became mixed with one hundred or one thousand other eggs, they are all prohibited.

מה כמאן דאמר ספק הכן אסור ברם כמאן דאמר ספק הכן מותר


Question: This is fine according to the opinion that holds that if an item is doubtfully Muktzah it is prohibited. But how does this fit with the opinion that holds that it is permitted?

[דף א עמוד ב] מודה הוא הכא שהוא אסור נשרין ספק מהיום נשרו ספק מאתמול נשרו ברם הכא יש כאן אחת לאסור והיא מוכחת על כולן


Answer: He agrees that it is prohibited here - they disagree in a case where there were fruits that might have fallen from the tree today (Yom Tov) and might have fallen yesterday (where they might not be prohibited at all); but here, there is certainly a prohibited egg - it just became mixed with many others and we are not certain which is the prohibited egg.