[39a - 50 lines; 39b - 51 lines]

*********************GIRSA SECTION*********************

We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach and the marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any OTHER important corrections that Acharonim have pointed out in the Gemara, Rashi and Tosfos.

[1] Rashi 39a DH Kari Shmuel " :

The words "Eincha Mechudad"

should be "Eincha Mechudad Kemosi"


1)[line 4]SAMA- a [healing] potion

2)[line 6]SA'AREI- barley

3)[line 6] ?KASHUR O MUTAR?- is the animal secured or not [at the time that we feed him]?

4)[line 7] ?LEVADO O IM CHAVEIRO?- by itself or together with another animal?

5)[line 20]" ""PISCHIM BAZEZU VAZ"- "[Abundant spoils will then be distributed, even] the lame will take plunder." (Yeshayah 33:23) - Shmuel meant that even though his wisdom far exceeds that of Pinchas his brother, nevertheless Pinchas asked a question that he could not answer (thus "the lame (Pinchas) will take plunder (ask a question that I cannot answer)").

6)[line 20]CHOTMO- its nostril

7)[line 22]CHOTMIN- nostrils

8)[line 25]V'SHE'NIGMEMU- and they were leveled

9)[line 27]() [](HE'TEYUMES) [HA'MAS'IMOS]- (O.F. maisselers) the molars

10)[line 34] MISHCHAT ALAIHU LO SHECHATINAN, AVAL IFSULEI MIFSAL- we may not slaughter it for ourselves (since it is not a Mum), but it is disqualified for the Mizbe'ach (since it is loathsome)

11)[line 36] YESH MECHUSAR EVER BIFNIM- is a missing internal organ considered a disqualification?

12)[line 42] EIN BERYAH B'ACHAS- an animal is not formed with only one [kidney]


13)[line 1]HA'TZOREM- one who mutilates

14)[line 14] SHA'OS POSLOS B'KODSHIM- hours (parts of a day) invalidate a Korban; if an animal designated as a Korban completes the first year of its life in the middle of the day, it becomes disqualified from that moment on (and not only from the end of the day)

15)[line 27]D'MICHAVTZAN- that shrink

16)[line 34]HA'ZUBAN- the prepuce, or sheath that contains the male reproductive organ

17)[line 34]HA'ERYAH- the genitals

18)[line 36]HA'PEREK- the joint

19)[line 36]MAFTZIL- is peeled of its skin and flesh

20)[line 38] ME'CHULYA L'CHULYA- between two vertebrae

21)[line 40] KIS V'LO ZACHRUS- the sac (scrotum) but not the male organ itself

22)[line 41] MA'ASEH B'INBAL B'ECHAD SHE'NATLO ZE'EV- there was an incident in Inbal in which a wolf detached [the prepuce of an animal] and it grew back

23)[line 43] ETZBA SHE'AMRU- the measurement of a finger-breadth which they stated

24)[line 47]MESHULESHES- hanging down from the corner

25)[last line] L'SHTEI AMOS- for two measuring-sticks of a cubit's length