A CHILD PROHIBITING WINE (Yerushalmi Halachah 8 Daf 29a)

שמעון בר חייה הוה מתני לחייה בר רב נכרי מאימתי עושה יין נסך א"ל משיודע בטיב ע"ז אפיק רב יאשיה מכילתא א"ל הדא דאת אמר בלוקח (ענבים)[עבדים] מן הנכרי אבל הנכרי עצמו בן יומו עושה יין נסך.


Shimon bar Chiyah was learning with Chiyah bar Rav who asked him - from what age does a gentile turn wine into Yayin Nesech? R. Shimon bar Chiyah answered - from when he understands the nature of idolatry. R. Yoshiyah introduced a Baraisa that, in the law of Yayin Nesech, differentiates between whether or not one understands the nature of idolatry, but only when a Jew buys slaves from a gentile. (The Baraisa teaches that one who buys slaves from a gentile who had already been circumcised but had not immersed in a Mikveh, the adult slaves, who understand the nature of idolatry make the Jew's wine Nesech, young slaves who do not understand this, do not make wine Nesech.) However, a gentile himself, even from one day old, can make Yayin Nesech.

נכרי מהו שיעשה בפיו יין נסך


Question: Does a gentile who drinks wine also make the remainders Nesech (as we assume that he intended to use the remaining wine for idolatry)?

רב אדא בשם רבי לעזר אין נכרי עושה יין נסך בפיו


(Rav Ada citing R. Elazar): He does not.

רבי ירמיה בשם רבי אבהו הנכרי עושה יין נסך בפיו ותני כן אגרוניסוס שטעם מן הכוס או מן המיניקת והחזיר לחבית אסור


(R. Yirmiyah citing R. Abahu): He does make the remainders Nesech, as the Baraisa teaches - an Agruninus (government supervisor of measures) who tasted from a cup of wine or he sucked wine from a barrel with a straw (that pierces through the lid of the barrel) and he returned the remnants to the barrel, the wine in the barrel is prohibited.

על דעתיה דרב אדא בשם רבי לעזר והוא שהחזיר הנכרי על דעתיה דרבי ירמיה בשם רבי אבהו ואפילו החזיר ישראל:


According to Rav Ada citing R. Elazar, it was the gentile who returned it (but his drinking was not enough to make it prohibited). According to R. Yirmiyah citing R. Abahu, even if a Jew returned it, it is prohibited (because the remnants had become prohibited through his drinking).