[61a - 24 lines; 61b - 34 lines]

1)[line 1]דקאזיל מיניה ומיניהD'KA'AZIL MINEI U'MINEI- it moves along from him (that is, since the Nochri is not angry, he does not throw the barrel but rather he rolls it all the way to the pit of wine, and therefore we must suspect that he touched the wine)

2)[line 8]רשות עובדי כוכבים אחת היאRESHUS OVDEI KOCHAVIM ACHAS HI- the domain of Nochrim is a single domain. The Gemara (61b) will explain the meaning of this statement of Rebbi Shimon ben Elazar.

3)[line 15]רוכלין המחזירין בעיירותROCHLIN HA'MACHAZIRIN BA'AYAROS- peddlers (of spices) who walk from city to city [selling their spices]

4)[line 15]בעיר שיש לה דלתים ובריחB'IR SHE'YESH LAH DELASAYIM U'VERI'ACH- in a city that [is enclosed by a gate with] doors and a bar (to lock the doors)

5)[line 16]וחלון כרשות הרבים דמיCHALON KI'RESHUS HA'RABIM DAMI- a window is like the public domain, meaning: (a) the window in the gate between a courtyard and the public domain, which faces the opening of the house on the other side of the courtyard, or (b) the window of the house of a Jew which faces the Nochri's house (RASHI)

6)[line 17]ואשפהASHPAH- a garbage heap (on which it is the manner for people to stand)

7)[line 17]ודיקלהDIKLA- a date-palm

8)[line 18]פסיק רישיהPESIK REISHEI- he cut its top off (and there are no fruits to pick)

9)[line 21]וסליק לעיוני בתרהSALIK L'IYUNEI VASRAH- he goes up [to the top of the tree] to look for it

10)[last line]מפתח וחותםMAFTE'ACH V'CHOSAM- the key (to the courtyard) and the unique seal (for the barrel of wine)


11)[line 8]עד שיבא ממונה הבא לקיציןAD SHE'YAVO MEMUNEH HA'BA L'KITZIN- until the appointed guard comes, who comes at intervals (the Gemara will explain that this does not mean that he comes at regular intervals, but that he comes at random times)

12)[line 20]וחיישינן לגומליןCHAISHINAN L'GOMLIN- we suspect that they repay each other; that is, the Nochri owner of the wine lets his Nochri friend have access to the wine when it is placed in his domain, in return for the same favor

13)[line 26]דבי פרזק רופילאD'VEI PARZAK ROFILA- [the members] of the house of Parzak, the Viceroy

14)[line 26]אותיבו חמרא גבי אריסייהוOSIVU CHAMRA GABEI ARISAIHU- they placed wine in the care of their sharecroppers

15)[line 30]מירתת מיניהMIRTAS MINEI- he is afraid of him

16)[line 30]מחפי עליה זכותאMECHAPEI ALEI ZECHUSA- he covers up for him with an assurance of innocence

17)[line 31]כרכאKERACHA- a large city

18)[line 32]דהוה קאי ביני דניD'HAVAH KAI BENEI DANEI- who was standing among the barrels

19)[line 32]אם נתפס עליו כגנב, שריIM NITPAS ALAV K'GANAV, SHARI- [if he is not a gangster, but rather he abides by the laws of the city and has fear of its judges, and he would react with surprise and fear] if he would be caught as a thief [had he touched the wine of a Jew, the wine is] permitted (RASHI)