[a - 51 lines; b - 45 lines]

1)[line 1]שוטטותSHOTETOS- they are swimming in it

2)[line 4]ושדרהV'SHIDRAH- and the spinal column

3)[line 6]סנפירSENAPIR- fins

4)[line 7]וקשקשתV'KASKESES- and scales

5)[line 7]בארא ופלמודאB'ARA U'FALMUDA- two types of kosher fish

6)[line 11]מרישME'RESH- at first

7)[line 20]גרב של חתיכותGARAV SHEL CHATICHOS- a barrel full of pieces of fish

8)[line 24]אתרמיISRAMEI- happens or occurs

9)[line 24]ארבא דצחנתאARVA D'TZACHANTA- a boatload of chilak fish

10)[line 27]שיפוריSHIPUREI- the messengers

11)[line 36]עריבהAREVAH- a small boat

12)[line 36]חביותCHAVIYOS- barrels

13)[line 39]מתלתא קראי שמיע ליMI'TELASA KERA'EI SHEMI'A LI- lit. from three verses I heard it; i.e. from three great scholars I heard it from and they are as reliable as a verse in the Torah. ARUCH reads the gemara as kira'i, not from three verses but from three masters.

14)[line 43]משריץMASHRITZ- (tamei fish) give birth to live young

15)[line 48]כל שכודרת ועגולגלת ראשהKOL SHE'KODERES VA'AGULGELES- any that narrows and whose sides are round. Narrows refers to the egg's shape from end to end: it is wide at one end and tapers towards the other. Round refers to the egg's shape from side to side: it is round so that it can roll in that direction.

16)[line 48]כדKAD- flat

17)[line 49]חלמוןCHELMON- the yoke of an egg

18)[line 49]חלבוןCHELBON- the white part of an egg

19)[line 50]ביצת השרץBETZAS HA'SHERETZ- the egg of sheretz (a Sheretz (a crawling pest — see Vayikra 11:29-38 for a list of the eight Sheratzim, and Background to Chulin 122:7), even if it or a part of it is only the size of an Adashah (lentil bean), is an Av ha'Tum'ah (Chagigah 11a, Ohalos 1:7).

20)[line 51]כשנימוחוK'SHE'NIMUCHO- where it gets dissolved or mashed


21)[line 4]בשילפוחאB'SHILPUCHA- in the bladder of the fish

22)[line 6]מלחתיםMELACHTIM- I salted them (the fish)

23)[line 8]דיילאDAYALA- one who is hired to prepare the food for people who are making banquets

24)[line 12]אישתרוקי היא דאישתרוקISHTERUKEI HI D'ISHTARUK V'ASA B'HADAH- [these grains] slipped off the leaf and came with it. (We assume that the grains fell by themselves from the leaves, and they were not cut by the Nochri's knife.)

25)[line 19]והקפריסיןVEHA'KAFRISIN- and the soft peel around the caper-berry

26)[line 19]והקפלוטותVEHA'KAPLUTOS- and the leeks

27)[line 21]בקטלוזאB'KATLOZA- in the marketplace


28)[line 44]באנדרתי של מלכיםB'INDARTEI SHEL MELACHIM- with statues of kings