What is the difference between "coming to the Ohel Mo'ed" and "approaching the Mizbe'ach" (bot of which render a Kohen without the Bigdei Kehunah Chayav Misah?


A Kohen would generally enter the Ohel Mo'ed 1 to perform the kindle the Menorah or to burn the Ketores, whereas he would appraoch the Mizbe'ach 2 to bring the Korban Tamid and most other Korbanos.


The Mishkan, and Kal va'Chomer the Heichal in the Beis-Hamikdash (See Sifsei Chachamim). 2

Which was in the Azarah (as we learned in Parshas Terumah).


What are the implications of "ve'Lo Tis'u Avon va'Meisu"? What is it referring to?


Rashi and Ramban #1 (according to the simple P'shat): It teaches us that a Kohen Hedyot who performs the Avodah without the four specified Begadim or the Kohen Gadol without his eight Begadim is Chayav Misah.


Ramban #2 (citing Zevachim 17b): It teaches us that a Kohen Hedyot or a Kohen Gadol who serves without the pants is Chayav Misah. 1


See Ramban DH 've'Lamadnu" for the source of Chiyuv Misah regarding the other Begadim.


What are the connotations of "Chukas Olam"?


Rashi: It always means that the Mitzvah under discussion together with its details applies at all times.

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