BAVA BASRA 95 (1 Iyar) - dedicated by Ari Friedman and family of Lawrence, N.Y., in memory of Ari's father, Reb Yakov Yosef ben Rav Nosson Neta Z'L, in honor of his Yahrzeit. Always brimming with joy and generosity, Jack Friedman exemplified true Ahavas Yisrael and Ahavas Chesed. May he be a Melitz Yosher for his children and grandchildren and all of Klal Yisrael.

[95a - 31 lines; 95b - 26 lines]

1)[line 1]"הן חסר הן יתיר" אמר ליה"HEN CHASIR HEN YATIR" AMAR LEI- [in the case of the sale of a Beis Kor of land,] he said to him (the seller to the buyer), "Whether it is lacking or whether it has extra"

2a)[line 2]דכיון דחזי ליה לאיצטרופי בתשעת קביןKEIVAN D'CHAZI LEI L'ITZTERUFEI B'SISH'AS KABIN- since it (each amount of land more than a Rova of a Kav per Se'ah in the Beis Kor) is fit to combine (with every other Rova-plus per Se'ah in the Beis Kor) to become an area of land equal to 9 Kavim (this is because in each Beis Kor there are 30 Se'ah, and thus there are 30 Rova-plus amounts of land. 30 Rovas equal 7.5 Kavim, and when each of those amounts are a little larger than a Rova, it equals [at least] 9 Kavim, - RABEINU GERSHOM)

b)[line 3]הויא לה ארעא חשיבתא באפי נפשא, והדראHAVYAH LAH AR'A CHASHIVTA B'APEI NAFSHAH, V'HADRA- it is a significant amount of land by itself, and it must be returned (the RASHASH says - based on the Gemara later (end of 104a) - that the words from "Keivan" until and including "b'Apei Nafshah" should be omitted, and that the Gemara is answering simply that since more than a Rova per Se'ah is a large amount, the party who was wronged does not forego that amount of land)

3)[line 4]האונאהONA'AH

See Background to Bava Basra 90:7.

4)[line 5]פחות משתותPACHOS MI'SHESUS- [if the overpayment is] less than one sixth [then the sale is valid and binding]

5)[line 7]ליהדר עד פחות משתותLIHADAR AD PACHOS MI'SHESUS- he should have to return only [part of the overpayment] until [the overpayment is] less than one sixth (and he should not have to return all of the extra overpayment)

6)[line 9]שוה בשוה אמר ליהSHAVEH B'SHAVEH AMAR LEI- he said to him (the seller said to the buyer) that he is selling him [the object] at its value (and with no profit)

7)[line 9]פחות משתות לא ידיעה (במנה)PACHOS MI'SHESUS LO YEDI'AH (B'MANEH)- less than [an overpayment of] one sixth, the buyer is not aware of (that amount, and thus he foregoes it)

8)[line 12]המקבל שדה מחברו ליטעHA'MEKABEL SADEH ME'CHAVERO LITA- one who receives a field from someone else to plant trees in it (in return for a wage)

9)[line 13]הרי זה מקבל עליו עשר בוריות למאהHAREI ZEH MEKABEL ALAV ESER BURIYOS L'ME'AH- the owner of the field must accept ten barren trees per every hundred

10)[line 14]מגלגלין עליו את הכלMEGALGELIN ALAV ES HA'KOL- we require him to compensate for all [of the barren trees]

11a)[line 20]יין שכולו יפהYAYIN SHE'KULO YAFEH- wine that is all good (with no bad barrels of wine included)

b)[line 21]יין הנמכר בחנותYAYIN HA'NIMKAR B'CHANUS- wine that is sold in the marketplace (only bad, inferior wine is sold in the marketplace)

12)[line 23]חומץCHOMETZ- vinegar

13)[line 27]דכולא חד חמרא הואKULA CHAD CHAMRA HU- [in the case of a person who buys one barrel of wine,] all [of the wine in the barrel] is one and the same wine (and thus it is not possible to require the buyer to accept a percentage of inferior wine)

14)[line 28]רב זביד בדבי ר' אושעיאRAV ZEVID [B']D'VEI REBBI OSHAYAH- Rav Zevid, in the study hall of Rebbi Oshayah (YA'AVETZ)


15)[line 1]אוצרOTZAR- storehouse or cellar (in which barrels of wine are stored)

16)[line 3]למקפהL'MIKPAH- [the buyer specified that he wants the wine to use] for cooking (and since he will only use a little at a time, the wine must be able to last for a long time)

17)[line 23]גבי חמרא דאקרים למה ליGABEI CHAMRA D'AKRIM LAMAH LI?!- (O.F. aigre) for wine that has soured, why do I need [the important blessing of "ha'Gafen?" The blessing of "sheha'Kol" should suffice.]

18a)[line 23]הפת שעפשהPAS SHE'IPSHAH- bread that became moldy

b)[line 23]היין שהקריםYAYIN SHE'HIKRIM- wine that became sour (see Background to Berachos 40:28)

c)[line 24]תבשיל שעברה צורתוTAVSHIL SHE'AVRAH TZURASO- (O.F. torner) a cooked dish that turned sour

19)[line 25]בפורצמא דמיזדבן אקרנתאPURTZEMA D'MIZDABEN A'KARNASA- bad wine that is sold at the crossroads of the city (where people are not concerned about the taste of the wine, and the quality of this wine is worse than that of the wine that is sold in the marketplace)