[70a - 47 lines; 70b - 34 lines]

1)[line 9]פגמו של ראשוןPEGAMO SHEL RISHON- the discredit of the first Sefer Torah (so that people should not think that the second Sefer Torah was used because the first Sefer Torah was found to be missing some letters or words)

2)[line 19]כתיקנהK'TIKNAH- the way they are instituted, similar to the way we say the blessings of Retzeh (Avodah), Modim (Hoda'ah) and Mechol la'Avonoseinu (Mechilas he'Avon) in our prayers on Yom ha'Kipurim. Retzeh ended with the words "she'Osecha Levadecha b'Yir'ah Na'avod," which is the Nusach of most Machzorim.

3)[line 22]רנה תחינה בקשה מלפניךRINAH TECHINAH BAKASHAH MILEFANECHA- [we are offering] a prayer, a petition and a request from You

4)[line 24]להראות חזותו לרביםL'HAR'OS CHAZUSO LA'RABIM- to show its beautiful appearance (and the splendor of its owner, who wrote it) to the populace

5)[line 42]אימורי חטאתEIMUREI CHATAS- the fats and other parts of the Chatas that are burned on the Mizbe'ach. They are: 1. the layer of fat covering the stomachs; 2. all other fat attached to the stomachs; 3. the two kidneys; 4. the fat on the kidneys; 5. The Yoseres, which is either the diaphragm (RASHI, RADAK) or a lobe of the liver (RAV HAI GA'ON) (Vayikra 3:3-4)

6)[line 43]מתקנתאMESAKANTA- well-arranged


7)[line 18]"ויצא ועשה עלתו [ואת עלת העם וכפר בעדו ובעד העם]""V'YATZA V'ASAH ES OLASO [V'ES OLAS HA'AM, V'KIPER BA'ADO U'VE'AD HA'AM]"- "... he shall go out and perform [the service of offering] his Korban Olah [and the Korban Olah of the congregation, and he shall atone for himself and for the congregation]." (Vayikra 16:24) - "His Korban Olah" refers to the Kohen Gadol's ram (Vayikra 16:3), and "the Korban Olah of the congregation" refers to the congregation's ram (ibid. 16:5).

8)[line 30]מיוחד שבעדרוMEYUCHAD SHEB'EDRO- the choicest [ram] of the flock