YEVAMOS 98 (19 Teves) - Dedicated in memory of Hagaon Rav Yisrael Avraham Abba ben Harav Chaim Binyamin Ze'ev Krieger ZT"L, author of Yad Yisrael (on Rambam) and many other Sefarim. Dedicated by his granddaughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Avi and Lily Berger, of Queens, New York.
YEVAMOS 98 (25 Av) - Dedicated by Mrs. G. Kornfeld on the seventh Yahrzeit for her mother, Mrs. Gisela Turkel (Golda bas Reb Chaim Yitzchak Ozer), an exceptional woman with an iron will who loved and respected the study of Torah.

[98a - 49 lines; 98b - 39 lines]

1)[line 4]אין אב למצריEIN AV L'MITZRI- a (Mitzri) Nochri has no recognized father

2)[line 5]דשטופי בזמהB'SHETUFEI B'ZIMAH- that was sunken in immorality

3)[line 9]אפקורי אפקריה רחמנא לזרעיהAFKUREI AFKEREI RACHAMANA L'ZAR'EI- The Torah removes the familial bonds (regarding specific Halachic purposes) from the seed of a Nochri

4)[line 20]לכרכי היםL'KERAKEI HA'YAM- to fortified port citie

5)[line 29]"ויהי דבר ה' אל יונה שנית לאמר. [קום לך אל נינוה העיר הגדולה וקראה אליה את הקריאה אשר אנכי דבר אליך]""VA'YEHI DEVAR HASH-M EL YONAH SHEINIS LEIMOR...]" - "And the word of HaSh-m came to Yonah ben Amitai saying, ['Arise, go to Nineveh the great city and announce on it, for their evil has come before Me.']" (Yonah 3:1-2) (YONAH'S SECOND CALL)

(a)The first time HaSh-m ordered Yonah to go to Ninveh and to warn them that in forty days' time Ninveh would be destroyed, he ran away (see Background to Megilah 31:6).

(b)The second time, having been cast into the ocean and having spent three days inside the belly of a whale, he knew better. Without delay, he made his way to Nineveh (a huge city which took three days to traverse) and conveyed HaSh-m's message. They did complete Teshuvah and HaSh-m forgave them.

6)[line 45]"הוא השיב את גבול ישראל מלבוא חמת עד ים הערבה כדבר ה' אלקי ישראל אשר דבר ביד עבדו יונה בן אמתי הנביא [אשר מגת החפר]""HU HEISHIV ES GEVUL YISRAEL MIL'VO CHAMAS AD YAM HA'ARAVAH, KI'DEVAR HASH-M ELOKEI YISRAEL ASHER DIBER B'YAD AVDO YONAH BEN AMITAI HA'NAVI [ASHER MI'GAS HA'CHEFER]" - "He returned the border of Yisrael from when you come to Chamos up to the sea of the plains (i.e. the Dead Sea), like the word of HaSh-m the G-d of Yisrael who spoke through the hand of Yonah ben Amitai the Navi, [who was from Gas ha'Chefer.]" (Melachim II 14:25) (YERAV'AM BEN YO'ASH, KING OF ISRAEL)

(a)His territorial achievements notwithstanding, the prophet describes Yerav'am ben Yo'ash as a wicked king. He was the fourth generation descendent of Yehu ben Nimshi, whom Yonah ben Amitai had anointed, and whom the same prophet informed that up to four generations of his descendents would sit upon the throne.

(b)A further connection to Yonah was the fact that just as the harsh prophecy of Yonah was transformed to good (and Nineveh survived), so, too, did HaSh-m relent on the evil that He had planned to do to Yisrael (indeed, Assyria had been harassing them relentlessly), turning His plan into good, as the current verses indicate.


7)[line 16]אפוקי מפיקAPUKEI MAPIK- he divorces [one of them]

8)[line 23]קלש ליה איסוראKALASH LEI ISURA- the prohibition of [a Jew] marrying a mother-in-law becomes weaker [and is punishable with Kares instead of Sereifah (burning)]