A ROOF ON AN ANGLE; MATS AS SCHACH (Yerushalmi Halachah 12 Daf 8a)

[דף ח עמוד א] משנה העושה סוכתו כמין צריף או שסמכה לכותל


(Mishnah): One who builds his Sukah like a hut (the Schach leans against each other and serve as walls, like this ); or if he leans his Schach on a wall (like this ), thereby also using the Schach as the walls -

ר"א פוסל מפני שאין לה גג וחכמים מכשירין


R. Eliezer says that it is invalid as it does not have a roof; Chachamim say that it is valid.

מחצלת קנים מחצלת גדולה עשאה לשכיבה מקבלת טומאה ואין מסככין בה


A large mat of reeds -


If it is made for lying on, it can contract Tumah and cannot be used as Schach.

ולסיכוך מסככין בה ואינה מקבלת טומאה


If it is made as a covering, it can be used as Schach and it cannot contract Tumah.

ר' אליעזר אומר אחת גדולה ואחת קטנה עשאה לשכיבה מקבלת טומא' ואין מסככין בה ולסיכוך מסככין בה ואינה מקבלת טומאה


R. Eliezer says - Whether it is large or small, if it was made for lying on it can contract Tumah and cannot be used as Schach; if it was made as a covering, it can be used as Schach and cannot contract Tumah.

גמרא מודה ר' ליעזר לחכמים שאם היתה נתונה על ארבעה אבנים או שהיתה גבוה מן הארץ פותח טפח שהיא כשירה


(Gemara): R. Eliezer agrees that if the Schach was placed on four stones or was raised a Tefach above the ground, it is valid.

תני העושה סוכתו כבית יער הלבנון כשירה


Beraisa: One who makes his Sukah like a House of the Forest of Levanon (like the house that King Shlomo built - see Melachim 1, 7, 3 - in which the roof was arranged in a zig-zag arrangement like this ), it is valid. (Note: This entry follows the understanding of Rav Chaim Kanievski.)

למי נצרכה


Question: For whom is this Beraisa needed?

לר' ליעזר


Answer: For R. Eliezer (of the Mishnah, who holds that sloping tents are not considered tents, which is the reason that he disqualifies the cases at the beginning of the Mishnah. However, in this case there is a clear demarcation between the walls and the Schach, so although the Schach is irregularly shaped, it is valid.)

אבא בר ב"ח בשם ר' יוחנן במחצלות אושא שנו


Aba bar bar Chanah quoting R. Yochanan: (The dispute in the Mishnah over mats) is about the mats of Usha (that are soft - the Tana Kama says that the large mats are usually used for coverings and R. Eliezer says that they are usually used for lying on).

א"ר ליעזר סתם מחצלות אושא טמאות עד שיעשם אוהלים סתם מחצלות טיברייא טהורות עד שיעשם לשכיבה


R. Eliezer: Mats of Usha may be assumed to be Tameh unless they were made as tent coverings. Mats of Tiveria (are rigid and) may be assumed to be Tahor unless they were made for lying on.

ר' יצחק בר חקולה ר"ש בר' הורין כאילין על פתח החנויות שהן טהורות


R. Yitschak bar Chakulah and R. Shimon bar Rebbi ruled that the mats that are found hanging at the entrance of stores are Tahor (as they are not intended to lie on).

הורי ר' אימי ארוגה טמאה מהו לסכך בה


Query (R. Imi): May one use a weave that contracts Tumah (as it is used for lying on) as Schach?

מחלוקת ר' ליעזר וחכמים


Answer (R. Imi): It falls within the dispute of R. Eliezer and Chachamim.

ר' יצחק ב"ר לעזר הורי מדוחק להתיר ראשי מעדנים ולסכך בהן


R. Yitschak bar R. Elazar ruled in a case of great need that one may untie the ends of the mats and use the mats as Schach.

תנינן וכן המתיר ראשי מעדנים טהורה ואת אמר הכין


Question: Why did he only permit it in a case of great need? Since they no longer contract Tumah when the ends are untied, it should always be permitted to use them as Schach!