SKIPPING IN KRI'AS HA'TORAH (Yerushalmi Perek 7 Halachah 6 Daf 33a)

תמן תנינן מדלגין בנביא ואין מדלגין בתורה.


(Mishnah): We may skip [while reading the Haftorah b'Tzibur] in Nevi'im, but we do not skip in Torah.

מדלגין בנביא ואין מדלגין מנביא לנביא. ובנביא של י"ב מותר.


We may skip within a Navi, but we may not skip from one Navi to another Navi. Within Trei Asar (the 12 minor) Nevi'im it is permitted.

ואין מדלגין בתורה.


(Mishnah): We do not skip in Torah.

ר' ירמיה בשם רשב"ל לפי שאין גוללין ס"ת ברבים.


(R. Yirmeyah citing Reish Lakish): This is because we do not roll the Sefer [to the place of the second reading] b'Tzibur. (It is disrespectful for the Tzibur to wait while they roll it.)

ר' יוסי בעי [דף לג עמוד ב] הגע עצמך שהיתה פרשה קטנה.


Objection (R. Yosi): Exert yourself [and you will find the answer]! If it was a small Parshah [to skip, he can roll it before the translator finishes translating, so the Tzibur need not wait, and even so, this Mishnah forbids without distinction]!

אלא כדי שישמעו ישראל על סדר.


Rather, it is in order that Yisrael will hear [the Torah read] in order.

והא תנינן וקורא אחרי מות ואך בעשו'.


Question (Mishnah): He reads "Acharei Mos" and "v'Ach be'Asor"!

שנייא היא שהיא סדרו של יום.


Answer: There is different, for it is Seder ha'Yom (relevant to the day. Then, one may skip if he can roll it before the translator finishes - PNEI MOSHE.)

תדע לך דמר רבי שמעון בן לקיש בכל מקום אינו קורא על פה וכא קורא על פה.


Support: Know [that we are more lenient about Seder ha'Yom], for Reish Lakish taught that one never reads [b'Tzibur] by heart, and here he reads [Parshas Musaf Yom Kipur] by heart [for it is Seder ha'Yom, and one cannot roll before the translator finishes].