SOTAH 12 (2 Sivan) - This Daf has been dedicated in memory of Harry Bernard Zuckerman, Baruch Hersh ben Yitzchak (and Miryam Toba), by his children and sons-in-law.



תוס' ד"ה אחרים אומרים נולד כשהוא מהול

(Summary: Tosfos reconciles this Sugya with other Sugyos with regard to whether Rebbi Meir always refers to Acherim.)

ומקשים, מדקאמר ר"מ 'טוב שמו', מכלל דאחרים לאו היינו ר"מ.


Question #1: They ask that, since Rebbi Meir explains that his name was 'Sh'mo', it implies that Acherim is not Rebbi Meir.

ובשלהי הוריות (דף יג:) אמר ד'אסקוה לר"מ "אחרים" '?


Question #1 (cont.): Whereas in Horiyos (Daf 13b) the Gemara states that they called Rebbi Meir by the name Acherim?

ובפ"ק דברכות (דף ט:) בגמרא 'מאימתי קורין שמע בשחרית', אפליגו ר"מ ואחרים?


Question #2: Also, in the first Perek of B'rachos (Daf 9b) in the Sugya of when one reads the Sh'ma in the morning, Rebbi Meir and Acherim argue?

וא"ר, שראה בקונטרס צרפת, שמועות שקיבל מאלישע בן אבויה קבעום בשם אחרים ...


Answer #1: Tosfos' Rebbe says that he saw a commentary in France which states a tradition that the sayings that he (Rebbi Meir) received from Elisha ben Avuyah (his Rebbe) they fixed by the name Acherim ...

מפני שהיה שמו אחר, אבל שאר שמועות קבעום בשמו.


Reason: Because his name was 'Acher', whereas all his other sayings they fixed by his real name.

ולא מסתברא, דהא לרבי נתן אסקו 'יש אומרים', ואית לך שכל שמועותיו קבעו כך, ולר"מ נמי עשו כיוצא בו.


Refutation: This is not logical however, seeing as they also called Rebbi Nasan to 'Yesh Omrim', and everybody agrees that this refers to all his statements, in which case, the same will apply to Rebbi Meir.

אלא נראה דלאחר דאסקוהו 'אחרים' חזר בו ואמר 'נולד כשהוא מהול', וכן בפ' קמא דברכות.


Answer #2: One must therefore say that after they called him 'Acherim', he retracted, and stated that he was born already circumcised.



תוס' ד"ה חמר מבחוץ וזפת מבפנים

(Summary: Tosfos clarifies how this was done.)

פירש רבי בשם ר"ש בר קלונימוס - זה וזה בתוך התיבה, והחמר היה מכסה את הזפת, אבל מבחוץ לא זיפפה.


Clarification: Tosfos Rebbe explains in the name of Rash bar K'lonimus that both of these were on the inside of the box where the lime covered the pitch. But on the outside he did not place pitch ...

שלא ירגישו, כי הגומא דומה לקנה היאור, ולא יבחינו התיבה בתוך קנה היאור.


Reason: In order that it should not be noticed, because papyrus (of which the box was made) is similar to the bulrushes in the river, and people would not be able to distinguish the box among the bulrushes.




תוס' ד"ה בשבילי נצלתם כולכם

(Summary: Tosfos explains why little Moshe was not responsible for the decree.)

תימה, אדרבה, בשבילו נגזרו הגזירות, שראו אצטגניני פרעה?


Question: On the contrary, it was because of him that the decrees were issued in the first place, based on what the astrologers saw?

יש לומר, הוא היה הראשון המושלך ליאור, וגזירה ראשונה 'אם בן הוא והמתן אותו' לא בשבילו היתה, אלא משום "ונלחם בנו ... ודרך אנשים להלחם.


Answer: He was the first baby to be cast into the river, and the initial decree "If it is a son, then kill him" was not on account of him, but because "They will fight with us ... ", and it is generally men who fight.