SHEVUOS 47 - Two weeks of study material have been dedicated by Mrs. Estanne Abraham Fawer to honor the Yahrzeit of her father, Rav Mordechai ben Eliezer Zvi (Rabbi Morton Weiner) Z'L, who passed away on 18 Teves 5760. May the merit of supporting and advancing Dafyomi study -- which was so important to him -- during the weeks of his Yahrzeit serve as an Iluy for his Neshamah.

[47a - 41 lines; 47b - 30 lines]

1)[line 5]הלכתא מאיHILCHESA MAI- what is the Halachah?

2)[line 11]להיכן חזרהL'HEICHAN CHAZRAH- to where does the oath return?

3)[line 12]חזרה שבועה לסיניCHAZRAH SHEVU'AH L'SINAI- the oath returns to Sinai. That is, HaSh-m will punish the guilty party for transgressing the oath given on Sinai, which included the prohibition against stealing. Beis Din does not force the defendant to do anything in such a case.

4)[line 17]אבוהוןAVUHON- their father

5)[line 23]ואין אדם מוריש שבועה לבניוV'EIN ADAM MORISH SHEVU'AH L'VANAV- and one does not bequeath a Shevu'ah to his sons. That is, the heirs do not inherit a claim to money that his father could have collected only by making a Shevu'ah. The reason is that the heirs do not know whether the loan was paid, and therefore they cannot swear.

6)[line 25]דחטיף נסכא מחבריהD'CHATIF NASCHA ME'CHAVREI- that he stole an ingot (a bar of cast silver or gold) from his friend

7)[line 28]היכי לידיינו דייני להאי דינאHEICHI LI'DAINU DAYANEI L'HAI DINA- how should the judges judge this case?

8)[line 45]חמשיןCHAMSHIN- fifty


9)[line 4]האי שבועת ה' מאי קא דרשי ביהHAI SHEVU'AS HASH-M MAI KA DARSHEI BEI- what do Rav and Shmuel learn from the verse, "Shevu'as HaSh-m Tiheyeh Bein Sheneihem" (Shemos 22:10)?

10)[line 8]אזהרה לעוקב אחר נואף מניןAZHARAH L'OKEV ACHAR NO'EF MINAYIN?- what is the source for the warning against helping someone transgress a sin of sexual immorality?

11)[line 11]תרתם וגינתם באהלו של מקוםTARTEM V'GINISEM B'OHALO SHEL MAKOM- you spied out (Eretz Yisrael) and debased it, in the tent of HaSh-m. (You dishonored HaSh-m, who put His tent (the Divine Presence in the Mishkan) among you. -MAHARSHA)

12)[line 12]קרב לגבי דהינא ואידהןKAREV L'GABEI D'HINA V'IDEHEN- one touches someone anointed with oil and he also becomes annointed. (The river Peras was the smallest of the four rivers, but it is called "the great river" because it borders on Eretz Yisrael.)

13)[line 19]לחנוניL'CHENVANI- to the storekeeper

14)[line 21]במעמד חנוניB'MA'AMAD CHENVANI- in front of the storekeeper [they swear]

15)[line 21]מיניה דליכספוD'LICHSEFU MINEI- that they will be embarrassed in front of him (to swear falsely)

16)[line 22]שתי כיתי עדים המכחישות זו את זוSHTEI KITEI EDIM HA'MAKCHISHOS ZU ES ZU- two pairs of witnesses that contradict each other