[24a - 36 lines; 24b - 17 lines]

1)[line 2]כורKOR (DRY MEASURES)

(a)The following is a list of measures of volume used in the Mishnah and Gemara:

1.1 Kor (= 1 Chomer) = 30 Se'in

2.1 Lesech = 15 Se'in

3.1 Eifah = 3 Se'in

4.1 Se'ah = 6 Kabin

5.1 Tarkav (= Trei v'Kav, or 3 Kabin) = 12 Lugin

6.1 Kav = 4 Lugin

7.1 Log (= 1 Rova) = 4 Revi'iyos = 6 Beitzim

8.1 Beitzah = 2 or 3 k'Zeisim, according to the varying opinions

(b)In modern-day measures, the k'Zayis is approximately 0.025, 0.0288 or 0.05 liters, depending upon the differing Halachic opinions. Thus 1 Kor = 216, 248.7, or 432 liters

2a)[line 11]דמיתהנינא מינךD'MIS'HANINA MINACH- that I benefit from you

b)[line 11]ולא מיתהנית מינאיV'LO MIS'HANIS MINAI- and you do not benefit from me

3)[line 29]דאדריה מזמנא לזמינאD'ADREI MEZAMNA LI'ZEMINA- that the host compelled the guest through a Neder to eat with him

4)[line 30]דזמינא אדריה למזמנאD'ZEMINA ADREI L'MEZAMNA- (a) actually, the guest made a Neder that he would eat with the host (ROSH); (b) actually, the guest requested that the host make a Neder to compel the guest to eat with him (TOSFOS, RAN)


5)[line 7]כקורת בית הבדK'KORAS BEIS HA'BAD- like the thick, heavy beam of the olive press [with which the olives are pressed]

6)[line 11]מידעם קאמרMIDA'AM KA'AMAR?- Did he say anything?

7)[last line]קינא דשומשמני חזאKINA D'SHUMSHEMANIE CHAZA- he saw an anthill (lit. a nest of ants)

8)[last line]ואסיק להון שמא עולי מצריםV'ASIK LEHON SHEMA "OLEI MITZRAYIM"- and he called them "those who came up from Egypt"