[16a - 32 lines; 16b - 29 lines]

1)[line 6]סליק לה לשימורSALIK LAH L'SHIMUR- [the beginning of the day when she was clean] is considered as an entire clean day [for a woman who is Shomeres Yom Keneged Yom and she is only a Zavah Ketanah]

2)[line 6]דקא שפעה תלתא תלתא יומיD'KA SHAF'AH TELASA TELASA YOMEI- she has a flow of blood for three days consecutively



3)[line 6]וכולה כדהוינן בהV'CHULAH KED'HAVINAN BAH- and the entire Mishnah until here is to be understood as we asked [and discussed according to Bar Pada and Rav Masna on Daf 6]

4)[line 9]קרבן טומאהKORBAN TUM'AH - The Korban brought by a Nazir who became Tamei

(a)If a Nazir becomes Tamei through contact with or being in the same room as a corpse, on the third and seventh days he must be sprinkled with water that has the ashes of the Parah Adumah in it to become Tahor. On the seventh day of his purification he shaves off the hair of his head.

(b)On the eighth day, he brings the sacrifices of a Nazir who becomes Tamei and begins counting the days of Nezirus he accepted upon himself anew. The sacrifices he brings are two Torim (turtledoves) or two Bnei Yonah (young common doves), one as a Chatas and one as an Olah. He must also bring a yearling sheep as an Asham. (These Korbanos and this shaving are in addition to the Korbanos and shaving that he, and every Nazir, brings upon the completion of his Nezirus.)

5)[line 16]מיתלא תליא וקיימאMITLA TALYA V'KAIMA- [the Nezirus] is hanging, hovering

6)[line 25]וליטמא למתיםV'LITAMEI L'MEISIM- that is, even though he is already Tamei since he is in a cemetery, it is forbidden for him to touch a dead body (see TOSFOS to Daf 17a DH b'Takanta).