TWO TYPES OF POT PLANTS (Yerushalmi Kilayim Perek 7 Halachah 6 Daf 34b)



(Mishnah): (Seeds that are planted in) a perforated plant pot prohibit; if it is unperforated, they do not prohibit.



(R. Shimon): Both are forbidden, but they do not prohibit.

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If one carries a perforated plant pot through a vineyard (underneath the vines), if the contents grew 1/200th, it is prohibited.

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(Gemara) (Baraisa): The only difference between a perforated and an unperforated pot is whether the seeds there that got wet can now contract Tumah. This is according to R. Shimon, but according to the Rabbanan, there are also other cases where perforated is considered attached...



A perforated pot of seeds prohibits in a vineyard; an unperforated pot does not.



One who detaches from something growing in a perforated pot is liable on Shabbos; from an unperforated pot is exempt.



The Baraisa taught that (all agree that) growths in a perforated pot that became wet are not yet able to contract Tumah; in an unperforated pot, they are.

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(R. Yosi without a named source/R. Chanina from R. Shmuel bar Rav Yitzchak): The Torah considers even plants in a perforated pot to be attached to the ground, that they cannot contract Tumah.

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What's the source for this? The pasuk states (Vayikra 11:37), "And if of their carcass falls upon any sowing seed which is sown, it remains Tahor." (The extra wording that describes sowing comes to include even seeds sown in a perforated pot.)



(Baraisa): The tithing of the produce in an unperforated pot is Rabbinic; if its Terumah (which is Rabbinic) falls into another type, it doesn't prohibit (as it is annulled in the majority); and a non-Kohen who accidently eats from it does not need to pay an extra fifth.



Question (R. Yosi): Does one recite the Bracha of 'HaMotzi Lechem Min HaAretz' over bread made from grains that grew in an unperforated pot?



Question (R. Yona): Gourd growing in an unperforated pot - are the leaves considered detached that they could be used as Schach for a Sukah?

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Question (R. Yudah bar Pazi): If one planted 5 vines in 5 unperforated plant pots in the form of 2 by 2 with a tail, it's considered a vineyard. But if he moved the pots from their places, they are not considered to be a vineyard. But is a vineyard portable?

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(Shmuel): (The Mishnah taught that if one carries a perforated plant pot through a vineyard, if the contents grew 1/200th, it is prohibited.) He passed the pot under each and every vine.



(R. Yochanan): The case is that he passed the plant leaves over and within 10 Tefachim of a vine.

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If he passed 5 perforated pots under one vine - it's a dispute between R. Elazar and R. Yochanan (as was discussed at the end of Halachah 3) - R. Yochanan said that the vine becomes prohibited and R. Elazar responded that if the plant that prohibits doesn't become prohibited, how could the vine, that does not prohibit, become prohibited?! But if he passed one pot under 5 vines, all agree that plant that prohibits becomes prohibited.