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Hidden Tzadikim
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Our holy books say that in every generation, there are at least 36 hidden tzadikim (holy people) who greet the Divine presence daily (Tikunei Zohar 50b, Sukkah 45b).

In the merit of these extraordinary individuals, our world receives the divine blessings that keeps it going (Chulin 92a).

In this series, we will get a glimpse of some of these great men who live in a very different reality than the one we are used to, a reality where the natural and the supernatural exist side by side.

And in the classic work Duties of the Heart:
"When you do this (spiritual accounting) with a faithful heart and a pure soul, your mind will become illuminated, and you will see the path to all of the exalted qualities, and the evil inclination will not have a way to reach you and entice you, and you will reach the status of one treasured by G-d. A new, strange, supernal sense will arouse in you, unfamiliar to you of all the senses you are used to knowing, as the wise man said: "A man's wisdom makes his face to shine, and the boldness of his face is changed" (Ecclesiastes 8:1), then you will perceive the great matters, and you will see the deep secrets, with your pure soul, pure heart, and strong faith. You will not part from a permanent joy in this world and in the next, due to the magnitude of what you observed and the greatness of the secret which was revealed to you, with G-d's help..." Duties of the Heart Gate 8 chapter 4
Let us get a glimpse into the mysterious world of hidden tzadikim (righteous), a world where the superficial appearance of this world falls off and its true nature reveals itself.
Approbation Letters
Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz
Rabbi Zev Leff

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