[5a - 40 lines; 5b - 26 lines]

*********************GIRSA SECTION*********************

We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach and the marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any other important corrections that Acharonim have pointed out in the Gemara, Rashi and Tosfos.

[1] Gemara 5b [line 10]:

The word "Mavoy Shiv'ah" מבוי שבעה

should be "Mavoy Sheva" מבוי שבע

(That is, Amos and not Tefachim -YA'AVETZ)

[2] Gemara 5b [line 16]:

The word "she'Pirtzaso b'Arba" שפרצתו בארבע

should be "she'Pirtzaso b'Arba'ah" שפרצתו בארבעה

(RASHASH; as it appears in Rashi DH Tomar and in the Gemara on 6a)

[3] Rashi 5b DH 4 Amos ד"ה ד אמות:

The words "d'Keivan d'Nafak Lei" דכיון דנפק ליה

should be "Keivan d'Nafak Lei" כיון דנפק ליה


1)[line 17]נפרץ מצידוNIFRATZ MI'TZIDO- part of one of the lengthwise walls collapsed, creating a gap

2)[line 19]פסPAS- a board

3)[line 28]נקיטינןNEKITINAN- we have a tradition


4)[line 4]אי דמוקי ליה בהדיהIY D'MUKI LEI BAHADEI- if he puts the new Lechi next to (at the end of) the projection

5a)[line 7]מטפי ביהMATFEI BEI- he makes the new Lechi larger (higher or wider) than the projection

b)[line 8]מבצר ביהMIVTZAR BEI- he makes the new Lechi smaller (either lower or thinner) than the projecting board