[2a - 40 lines; 2b - 42 lines]

1)[line 1]מבויMAVOY (MAVOY: LECHI/KORAH)

See Introduction to Maseches Eruvin, II:1.

2)[line 9]תקנתאTAKANTA- rectification

3)[line 9]מבוי דרבנן תני תקנתאMAVOY D'RABANAN, TANI TAKANTA- (a) By a Rabbinic institution, the Mishnah must first tell us what to do, before it tells us what the Halachah is if one does not do it. By a Torah law this is not necessary, since the Torah itself has already outlined what to do. (RASHI); (b) Alternatively, by a Rabbinic law it is acceptable for the Mishnah to use a term besides "Pasul," even though there is a possibility that people will mistake this to mean that the law only applies l'Chatchilah. By a Torah law this is not acceptable. (TOSFOS)

4)[line 11]נפישין מיליהNEFISHIN MILEI- there are many laws pertaining to it that are taught in the Mishnah (Sukah 2a)

5)[line 14]פתחו של היכלPISCHO SHEL HEICHAL- from the Ulam (Entrance Hall) of the Beis ha'Mikdash stood before the Heichal (Main Sanctuary). The entrance from the Ulam to the Heichal was 10 Amos wide and 20 Amos high. It had 2 sets of doors, one at either end of the 6 Amos thickness of wall.

6)[line 15]פתחו של אולםPISCHO SHEL ULAM- the entrance to the Ulam was 20 Amos wide and 40 Amos high. Instead of doors, an embroidered curtain hung there.

7)[line 28]"אל פתח אולם הבית""EL PESACH ULAM HA'BAYIS"- There is no verse that contains these exact words. According to Tosfos, the Gemara is referring to two verses at once: "Ulam ha'Bayis" (Yechezkel 40:48), and "Pesach ha'Bayis" (Yechezkel 47:1). By combination, it is as if the words "Pesach Ulam Ha'bayis" were written in one verse. (The objection of Rabanan is that the verse also states "Ulam ha'Bayis.") (TOSFOS DH di'Chsiv)


8)[line 3]פתח שער החצרPESACH SHA'AR HE'CHATZER- the twenty-Amos-wide entrance of the Courtyard that surrounded the Ohel Mo'ed

9)[line 4]"אורך החצר מאה באמה, ורוחב חמשים בחמשים, וקומה חמש אמות שש משזר, ואדניהם נחושת""ORECH HE'CHATZER ME'AH VA'AMAH, V'ROCHAV CHAMISHIM BA'CHAMISHIM, V'KOMAH CHAMESH AMOS, SHESH MASHZAR; V'ADNEIHEM NECHOSHES"- "The length of the Courtyard shall be 100 Amos, and its width shall be 50 Amos by 50 Amos (i.e., the open space within the Courtyard in front of the Mishkan shall be 50 X 50 Amos), the height shall measure 5 Amos [of curtains] of twined linen; and the sockets [of all of the posts of the Courtyard] shall be made of copper" (Shemos 27:18).

10)[line 6]"וחמש עשרה אמה קלעים לכתף""V'CHAMESH ESREI AMAH KELA'IM LA'KASEIF"- "The curtains on one side of the entrance shall be 15 Amos long" (Shemos 27:14).

11)[line 10]"פתח שער החצר" איקרי"PESACH SHA'AR HE'CHATZER" IKRI- it is called the "Pesach (gateway) of the Courtyard" (and not a standard "Pesach")

12)[line 26]אטעיתיהAT'ISEI- misled him

13)[line 30]פתחא דמלכיןPISCHA D'MALCHIN- the doorways of kings' palaces

14)[line 39]מידי הוא טעמא אלא לרבMIDI HU TA'AMA ELA L'RAV- are we not trying to explain the reasoning of Rav (who says that the basis of Chachamim's ruling is the size of the entrance of the Heichal)?