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Uziel Yarmark asked:

Shalom Aleichem, Thank you so much for your website. I need some help with a Rashi on daf 9b in Sukah, dibur hamaschil "mai lemeimra."

Rashi first explains the gemara, then goes on to say that from here we learn that one is allowed to use "Lates" as schach.

I would appreciate it very much if you can explain--or point me in the direction of a sefer that explains--the metzius of this "Lates."

In truth, if such a case is explained somewhere, I would prefer the 'address,' so I can work it out myself.

Thank you again

Uziel Yarmark, Montreal, Canada

The Kollel replies:

'Lates' are slats. I imagine that once you know that, you will not need any other Seifer to understand the Rashi.

Be'Virchas Kol Tuv

Eliezer Chrysler