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Marc Diamond asked:

Menachos 68a Rashi D"H D'rabbanan a'd'rabbanan lo kashya?

When Rashi says "d'haynu b'soch hapesach", does he mean: a: that "hamo'ed" is equivalent to "during the yom tov" (contradicting his p'shat above and in p'sachim 10) b: that "hamo'ed" is equivalent to "during the zman of the sh'chita of the korban pesach" (although this only roughly corresponds to "6 hours" as the korban could never be brought that early) c: that "l'achar hamo'ed" is equivalent to "during the yom tov", and therefore "hamo'ed" would presumably refer to 6 hours and beyond on erev pesach?

Marc Diamond, Providence, RI USA

The Kollel replies:

Rashi clearly states that "Mo'ed" is the time of the Sereifah, which extends until six hours. Tosfos in Pesachim is bothered by this usage of the term.

Accordingly, "l'Achar ha'Mo'ed" is from the beginning of the seventh hour. Rashi in Pesachim writes that this time extends until the night, while Rashi in Menachos writes that this time extends through Yom Tov.

D. Zupnik