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Mark Bergman asked:

Near the bottom of 80b, the Gemoro says that on returning a borrowed object, the borrower is responsible during the journey only if it is still within the time agreed. I find this strange; firstly what is the agreement - is the borrower supposed to return the item to the owner before the specified time? (as I would have thought is the normal case, i.e. if someone borrows an item till Mon. 12 noon, the owner wants it back in his house by 12 noon).

In this case, why does the borrower gain by the fact that he returns it late!

Maybe the agreement is that the owner will collect the item, but why then is the borrower responsible at all after the end-time (a question in the Gemoro subsequently)?

Kol Tuv

Mark Bergman

Manchester UK

The Kollel replies:

Once the time of the loan is over the borrower is not allowed to use it. Therefore he is no longer Chayav for Ones. However there is a Takanah that he should remain a Shomer Sachar (and therefore he must pay for Geneivah v'Aveidah).

D. Zupnik