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sammy schnitzer asked:

if girl gets married without the fathers knowledge we say if a father later on agrees the kedushin take affect retroactively "lemafrea" but dont you need witnesses "edei kiyum" to make kedushin?

sammy schnitzer, ny,usa

The Kollel replies:

The Ma'aseh Kidushin needs Edim when it was done by the daughter, because we say that she is performing the "Shelichusah d'Aviha." The Haskamah of the father is not part of the Ma'aseh (for if it was, then the Kidushin would take effect mi'Kan ul'ha'Ba). Therefore, it does not need Edei Kiyum later. (Compare to Kiyun ha'Tenai which does not need Edei Kiyum.)

D. Zupnik