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hg asks:

Where else in Shas is this concept as defined here of Chozros Chalilah???

That the inyan circles in an infinite loop?

Where is this discussed?

hg, NY USA

The Kollel replies:

Sholom Rav,

The Mishnah in Succah 9 (Perek 5, Mishnah 6) uses the Lashon 'Chozrin Chalilah' with Regard to the bulls, rams and sheep that the Kohanim brought on Succos.

It simply means in rotation, and, as is the case there, it is not infinite. See Tiferes Yisrael there, who presents two explanations of the word 'Chalilah'.

Be'Virchas Kol Tuv,

Eliezer Chrysler