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Yeshayahu Hollander asked:

On Ketuvut 70b we learn that a Shaliah can be trusted to do his Shlihut for 30 days only.

This seems to contradict what we know: Hazakah Shaliah Oseh Shlihuto!

A possible reconciliation of our Gemara with the Hazakah Shaliah Oseh

Shlihuto :

It seems that this is a further proof that the Gemara means the particular kind of Shaliah described later on: a volunteer, who answers the call: "Kol HaZan Eino Mafsid"

Is there a better reconciliation?

The Kollel replies:

"Chazakah Shaliach Oseh Shelichuso" relates to a one time Shelichus, not to an ongoing one.

Dov Zupnick