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Sam Kosofsky asked:

The Mishne talked about a giyores who was a naara meurasa who was mezana.

Doesn't a giyores or ger who were converted by Bais Din in their childhood have a choice when they reach bar or bat mitzva age to opt out and not remain Jewish. Couldn't she say if I'm chayeves misa I don't want to be Jewish. Does she have to declare on the day of her bat mitzvah? How long does she have?

The Kollel replies:

The Gemara on 11a says that once she was a Gedolah for one hour she can no longer protest.

The Ran writes that although the Macha'ah does not help when she is a Ketanah, and she cannot know the exact minute of Gadlus to protest then, nevertheless we say that the protest while she is still a Ketanah helps if she carries through with it until Gadlus.

Dov Zupnik

(See also Insights to 11a for other explanations of how she may be Mocheh -MK)