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r.p. asked:

re: the complaint of Zevulen

but take a look at Yehoshua, perek 19. Zevulen does not have a border with the sea!

r.p., bellevue, usa

The Kollel replies:

Yakov Avinu already prophesied that Zevulun would dwell "on the seashore." The Vilna Gaon, in his commentary on Yehoshua, explains that when Yakov describes Zevulun's "thigh reaching Tzidon," it means that a West-East strip extended from Zevulun proper and reached the sea, giving Zevulun a nice stretch of the northern seashore of Eretz Yisrael (in middle of the section of Asher).

This is noted in the Pasuk in Yehoshua (19:14) which describes Zevulun's borders as "extending through the valley of Yiftach El" (a valley which led from the Western Galilee to the seashore).

M. Kornfeld