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Avi Benchimol asked:

studying the daf, i understood that if someone eats over 8 ounzes of mezonot(cokkies) and has the intention to eat alot, one must say hamotzi lehem min aharetz. is that so? what about sheakol like meat, poultry, fish...if i eat over 8 ounces do i also do hamotzi on sheakol products??

thank you for the answer


Avi Benchimol, Montreal, Canada

The Kollel replies:

Hello there and thanks for your inquiry. The answer is no. The special rule of treating cookies as bread when eating them as a meal applies only to items which are categorized as "Pas ha'Ba'ah b'Kisnin". These are items in the form of bread, but due to their sweet flavor are normally not eaten in large quantities as is the case with bread. Thus their normal Berachah is Mezonos. Should someone eat a large quantity it is thus treated as bread, requiring ha'Motzi and Bircas ha'Mazon. When eating large quantities of any food not in the form of bread, no special Berachah is required (instead, the regular Berachah is to be recited).

All the best.

Y. Landy