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Max Munk asked:

Thank you Rav Kornfeld for your precise response and for your precious time you

took to respond.

I must also thank you for the way you give us now a clear and concise synopsis

of the psak halacha each day on hilchas brochas covered by the daf yomi, a tremendous service and


Tizku Lemitvos.

Question on the halacha lema-asei on keviyous se-uda:

If someone eats for supper a plate of loose noodles and nothing else, in the

amount of 4 beitsim.

Does he wash with a bracha netilas yadayim, makes Hama-otzi and birkas Hamazon

full three brachot ?

The Kollel replies:

The answer to your question depends on whether loose noodles is considered "Pas ha'Ba b'Kisnin," as discussed in the Gemara on Daf 42a and in the Shulchan Aruch (OC 168). Although there are a number of opinions as to what Pas ha'Ba b'Kisnin is, loose noodles does not fall into any of them, and therefore one would not wash, make ha'Motzi, or recite Birkas ha'Mazon even on such a large amount. See Insight 42:1.