What are the current Pesukim coming to teach us?


Ramban #1: They are coming to teach us that, when, after arriving in Eretz Yisrael, times are good, they should remember how they suffered as slaves in Egypt, and not forget the G-d who delivered them from there and provided them with the goodness that they were now enjoying - but rather to fear and to serve Him. 1


Ramban #2: Refer to 6:11:1:1.


Seforno: The current Pesukim come as a warning that, when Yisrael enter Eretz Yisrael and obtain instant wealth which they did not work to obtain, they will be drawn after their desires, which, in turn, will cause them to forget Hashem. 2


See Pasuk 13.


See Seforno here and on Pasuk 12.

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