What does "Batim Mele'im Kol Tuv" imply?


Ramban (citing Chulin, 17a): It incorporates even what is forbidden, such as sides of pork - to teach us that any food that Yisrael found during the conquest of Eretz Cana'an was permitted 1 irrespective of whether it was Kasher or not. 2


See Ramban, DH 've'Hinei Hutru' with regard to how long this concession lasted.


Ramban: With the exception of Avodah-Zarah, which remained forbidden - as the Torah specifically states in Devarim 7:25.


What are the implications of "Boros Chatzuvim" and "Keramim ve'Zeisim ... "?


Ramban #1: They imply water-pits that have perhaps been smeared with forbidden fats 1 and vineyards and olive-groves that are Kil'ayim or Orlah.


Ramban #2: it mentions them to stress the extent of the bounty that they encountered when they entered Eretz Cana'an.

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