Why does the Torah add the words "Asher Yamus bah" here and in Pasuk 18?


Rashi (citing Targum Onkelos) and Targum Yonasan: With reference to a stone 1 that fills the hand and a wooden object that is sizeable, the Torah is teaching us here that, if Reuven murders Shimon with an object other than metal, he is only Chayav Misah if Beis-Din assess that the object with which he killed is sufficiently large to have caused his death.


Rashi: To preclude from the notion that "O be'Even asher Yamus bah" (Shemos 21:18) and "ve'Chi Yakeh Ish es Avdo ba'Sheivet" (Ibid. 21:20) are referring to a stone or a stick, irrespective of size.

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