What is the literal translation of "Lo Sirdeh bo be'Farech"?


'Do not subjugate him with back-breaking work?


And having already said "Lo Sa'avod bo Avodas Aved" (in Pasuk 39), why does it repeat does the Torah find it necessary to add it here?


Rashi: The current Pasuk refers to making him perform unnecessary tasks in order to torment him. 1


Rashi: Such as asking him to boil up some water, to dig under a tree or to dig underneath the vine until he returns - all of which he does not need. Refer also to Shemos 1:13:1,2 & 3.


Why does the Pasuk add the phrase "Veyareisa me'Elokecha"?


Rashi: Because once again, nobody knows what is on his mind, whether the word is needed or not, other than Hashem.

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