What were the two instructions that Hashem issued to Moshe, that he would query ?


Rashi, Seforno and Rashbam: a. To go to Pharaoh and convey Hashem's request; b. To take Yisrael out of Egypt.


Ramban: a. To go to Pharaoh and request an end to the slavery (irrespective of whether they would leave or not); b. To take Yisrael out of Egypt.


Why did Hashem tell Moshe at this early stage that he should take Yisrael out of Egypt, since that what only occur a year later?


Rashi: The Shibud was destined to get worse before it got better, and many hurdles had yet to be overcome before Yisrael would be ready to leave Egypt. Hence, Hashem reassured him already now that he should not be put off by those hurdles, because, in the end, he would succeed in his mission and take Yisrael out of Egypt.


רש"י: ואם תאמר מה תועיל? והוצא את עמי: מנין לפרש כך?


גור אריה: לא כתוב 'ואשלחך להוציא' אלא "והוציא", משמע שזה דבר בפני עצמו. 1 עיי"ש.


והוסיף הגור אריה שאם היה כתוב 'להוציא' היה משמע שעיקר השליחות לדבר עם פרעה ואפשר שפרעה לא ישמע ושליח אחר הוא זה שיוציא, ולכן נאמר "והוציא"- אתה תוציא.

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