Having just said (in Pasuk 7) that He has heard Yisrael's cries, why does Hashem say here that their cries have reached him?


Ramban: Since the Egyptians had gone too far in their oppression of Yisrael, their cries had reached the Heavenly Throne. Consequently, Hashem would no longer turn a blind eye to what Pharaoh was doing but would proceed to take action.


Seforno: He meant that had accepted their prayers, because they were genuine. 1


Not like the prayers mentioned in Tehilim (78:36 [Seforno]).


What is Hashem adding with the last phrase ("and I have also seen the oppression ... ")?


Ramban and Seforno: He is telling Moshe that He was about to avenge what Pharaoh and his people had done to Yisrael for going beyond the decree to subjugate Yisrael. 1


See Zecharyah, 1:15 (Seforno [Also refer to Bereishis, 15:14:1:2]).

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